Artificial and Silk Plants

Although live plants are preferable to most clients, there are times when either the lighting conditions or providing horticultural services, such as watering and pruning, to live plants would offer a challenge.  In these cases, such as dark rooms and very high ledges without safe access, we recommend selecting from our artificial plant collection.(Hyperlink to Artificial Plant Selection Goes Here).  Artificial plants (also known as silk, dried, faux, or fake) can be a practical way to create a warm and inviting space.

It is a good choice to place artificial plants away from direct contact with your clients. Live plants placed on the human planes, such as eye level and below, will help to create the illusion that your complete Interior Landscape is Real, not fake.

When you visit many corporate sites around the world, from hotels to hospitals to shopping centers, take a second look at the plants, flowers and trees that are around. You may be surprised when you look closely that there are artificial sometimes mixed in with real plants.

Choosing a silk plant or tree is a personal decision that you have to make according to what type of atmosphere you want to create or present, in your business, for your guests or customers.

Little Known Fact:

Ever wonder why they call them silk flowers and plants when they aren’t made of actual silk?  The truth is that back when the art form started artificial plants and flowers were actually made of silky fabric and were very expensive, although not very realistic looking. At that time they looked as real as could possibly be achieved with the technology that existed. Today, they provide a more realistic appearance due to the manufacturing process that allows them to more closely replicate the authentic live plant, tree or flower down to minute details. Most are made of a silk screened polyester, although some of your higher quality silk plants are even hand painted to give them a detailed look similar to what is found on the natural plant. Given the history of artificial plants, they were not well received in the early years of their appearance, however today they are more popular and effective, especially used in combination with live plant in landscape designs.