Artificial Plant Maintenance

Modern artificial plants come in a large assortment of varieties and always usually look fairly natural when they are new. They are shiny, dust and dirt free and look very real in form and color. They can be very inexpensive or very expensive depending on how real you need them to look.

However, artificial plants, as many people are mistakenly lead to believe, are NOT maintenance free.  After they have been in your facility for a few months, dust and dirt build-up begins to appear on your silk plants. They lose their shine and their shape and begin to look old and unattractive. They no longer look real, but very fake and a cheap substitution for live plants.

To keep your artificial plants looking their most natural you should consider hiring a professional artificial plant cleaning service, like HSPC.  Cleaning is needed at least four times a year, along with professional reshaping of the plants, and, often, replacement of torn or damaged individual leaves or frowns.  Protecting your investment in artificial plants with a cost-effective program of professional maintenance will help them last years longer.