Interior Plant Colors Create A Specific Mood

Color can affect a person’s mood. Interior plantscapes can incorporate color subtly or boldly to create a specific mood. Not every person is influenced in the same ways by the same colors, but there are general trends. According to

“Green, ironically the color of money, is said to be a color that sells. The color blue is known for eliciting trust. Red, however, may trigger passionate feelings of anger.” explains the feelings that different color in the spectrum promote:

“While perceptions of color are somewhat subjective, there are some color effects that have universal meaning. Colors in the red area of the color spectrum are known as warm colors and include red, orange, and yellow. These warm colors evoke emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort to feelings of anger and hostility.

Colors on the blue side of the spectrum are known as cool colors and include blue, purple, and green. These colors are often described as calm, but can also call to mind feelings of sadness or indifference.”

So, what kind of mood would you like to create in your business? Do you want your customers and clients to feel warm and welcome or do you want your employees to have a sense of calmness in a normally stressful work environment?

All aspects of the interior design from the paint on the walls to the furniture work together to create these moods. Your arrangements can work to enhance these moods or clash against them. You can use plants with a variety of different colored foliage to subtly create the mood you are looking for or, for something more intense with more energy, you can use brightly colored flowering plants, like Bromeliads, Orchids, or Crotons. (INSERT PHOTOS)

Not only do the plants you choose for your Interior Landscape influence the mood, the containers that accent them can also contribute to the mood of your space.

For example, the tabletop planter Lechuza Delta 15 comes in a variety of colors from bright apple green to scarlet red to black gloss. Using these containers, you can create a sense of warmth, energy, or sleek, cool, calmness.

You can impress your clients or encourage your staff by not only having a beautiful plan for your Interior Plantings, but also having a reason for the design and colors you choose.

Let HeroMan Services demonstrate how our plantscapes will work with your existing design to create the environment and results you desire. No detail is too small in creating your beautiful, healthy, comfortable spaces.