Although live plants are preferable to most clients, there are times when either the lighting conditions or providing horticultural services, such as watering and pruning, to live plants would offer a challenge.  In these cases, such as dark rooms and very high ledges without safe access, we recommend selecting from our artificial plant collection. Artificial plants (also known as silk, dried, faux, or fake) can be a practical way to create a warm and inviting space.

It’s a good choice to place artificial plants away from direct contact with your clients. Live plants placed at eye level and below, will help to create the illusion that your entire Interior Landscape is live.

When you visit many corporate sites around the world, from hotels to hospitals to shopping centers, take a second look at the plants, flowers, and trees placed within them. You may be surprised to see that there are artificial items sometimes mixed in with live plants.

Choosing a silk plant or tree is a personal decision that only you can make, according to what type of atmosphere you want to create and present, on behalf of your business, to your guests or customers.


Ever wonder why they call them silk flowers and plants when they aren’t made of actual silk?  The truth is that back when the art form started, artificial plants and flowers were actually made of a silky fabric and were very expensive, although not very realistic looking. At that time they looked as real as could possibly be achieved with the technology that existed. Today, they provide a more realistic appearance due to the manufacturing process that allows them to more closely replicate the authentic live plant, tree or flower they represent, down to minute details. Most are made of a silk-screened polyester, although some of the higher quality silk plants are actually hand-painted in order to give them a detailed look similar to what is found on the natural plant. Artificial plants were not well-received in the early years of their manufacture; however, today they are more popular and effective, especially when used in combination with a live plant in landscape designs.


No matter what you have heard, artificial plants don’t last forever.  Even the highest quality artificial plants will usually only remain fairly attractive and usable for up to three – years, at most. After this time, if you don’t want your customers, patients or clients’ first impression of your company to be a collection of dusty, wilting plastic plants, it will be time replace them or make a switch to living plants.

Although it is believed purchasing artificial plants is less expensive than having live plants with a maintenance program to keep the always looking their best, statistically, that is not true.  In fact, the cost of having a live plant lease program actually costs less than using artificial plants. (Research Information Inserted Here.)


Modern artificial plants come in a large assortment of varieties and always usually look fairly natural when they are new. They are shiny, dust and dirt free and look very real in form and color. They can be very inexpensive or very expensive depending on how real you need them to look.

However, artificial plants, as many people are mistakenly led to believe, are NOT maintenance free.  After they have been in your facility for a few months, dust and dirt build-up begins to appear on your silk plants. They lose their shine and their shape and begin to look old and unattractive. They no longer look real, but very fake and a cheap substitution for live plants.

To keep your artificial plants looking their most natural you should consider hiring a professional artificial plant cleaning service, like HSPC.  Cleaning is needed at least four times a year, along with professional reshaping of the plants, and, often, replacement of torn or damaged individual leaves or frowns.  Protecting your investment in artificial plants with a cost-effective program of professional maintenance will help them last years longer.


HSPC is a leading distributor for the top lines of artificial foliages, blooming plants, and decorative containers.  We specialize in commercial grade, silk plants, in varying sizes, that are handcrafted and prepared to meet each client’s personal specifications.  Most all of our artificial plants are available with fire retardant foliage. In addition to indoor artificial plants, we also offer a line of outdoor silks. Our outdoor plants are constructed using silk foliage with UV blocking chemicals. From a boxwood topiary hedge to a large outdoor cedar plant, our outdoor plants can be used for a variety of applications.