Experience the Benefits of Professional Interior Landscaping

Meeting People’s Innate Need to Connect with Nature

Whatever your unique reasons for bringing live indoor plants into your space, Heroman Services can provide the right plants and containers to meet those needs.

We design, install and service a wide range of indoor plants, office plants, and interior landscapes and are ready to help make your space look great and provide the overall benefits of live plants to your staff and clients.

As a top 25 USA Interior Landscaping Company, we service clients from large atriums to one person offices; provide indoor plants from desktop succulent bowls to 20’ palm trees and offer a selection of unique containers from wood to ceramic, fiberglass and metal that can meet any traditional,  urban or contemporary design scheme. Our containers are as unique as you are.

Unlike plants purchased in retail stores, our plants are specially cultivated, grown and acclimated for our industry to thrive in the artificial indoor environments they will experience inside your space.  

The Heroman Services teams of degreed and certified Horticulturists, Interior Designers and Landscape Architects have a true passion for plants from the design process through to installation and expert maintenance service programs. We are here to use our training and experience to benefit our clients.

Just Placing a Plant Anywhere

Right Plant in Right Place

What is Interior Plant Landscaping?

When you think of landscaping, you probably think of the outdoors – taking existing land and making changes by adding flowers, plants or various structures to enhance the appearance of an outdoor space. Interior Landscaping, also known as “plantscaping” or “interiorscaping” does the same thing but on the Indoors. This practice, however, means so much more than placing a plant in a corner or on a desktop; it calls for the thoughtful and purposeful placement of healthy plants specially selected to complement the needs of the space.

As an experienced Interior Designer, I need vendors I can rely on to represent me positively to my clients. Heroman Services uses its knowledge of plants to add landscaping to interior rooms to compliment my designs. Their design eye, horticultural knowledge, and selection of plants and containers are the best. I have worked with many other “so-called” Interior Landscapers, but they are by far the only one I would recommend.
Thank you HSPC, you always make me look good!
–Myrna Garbin Designs
It’s no secret that people find nature to be serene and visually pleasing, so it only makes sense to bring those feelings to inside spaces where we spend 90% of our time. Interior Landscaping adds a distinct beauty to a space with artistic designs and arrangements of living plants. The plants create a natural, relaxing work or home environment that appeals to the senses, adds aesthetic value to your space and is continually working to keep your team healthier and productive.

Next time you walk into an atrium, mall, hotel lobby or office building, look around and notice the decor and greenery displayed. This look is most likely the result of Interior Landscaping. The possibilities are endless. “The highest level of Design and Maintenance Service paired expertly with skillfully chosen high-quality Plants and Containers. We believe “The Art of Interior Landscaping is in the Detail.” Pat Heroman, Founder Heroman Services Plant Company, LLC



Maintenance Services

How to Add an Interior Landscaping Program to your company or residence?

By putting the beauty of your Indoor Landscape literally in our hands, you can devote your time and energy to all of the other things you have to worry about.
⇒ 1. Reach out to us and let us know you are interested in Interior Landscaping Contact Us
⇒ 2. One of our Designers will talk with you and visit your site
⇒ 3. We will prepare a Design plan or plans for you to review including Computer Imaged Photos of plant & container options shown in YOUR SPACE
⇒ 4. We will seamlessly Deliver and Install your new Interior Landscape
⇒ 5. Your Horticulturist will begin her regular maintenance service of your Interior Landscape, acclimating your new plants to their new environment
⇒ 6. Your plants will be covered by our replacement plan as long as we continue to regularly maintain them*
⇒ 7. Your Customer Services Team Member is always available if you have any questions or requests
⇒ 8. Your customers, guests and staff benefit from your beautiful new Interior Landscape. Our lease programs provide a great solution to any interior landscaping need you may have. We are experienced with solving the problem and working within any budgetary guidelines for hundreds of different types of clients. We service everything from one-person offices to multi-building Corporations. We offer programs starting as low as $100 per month including design services, plants, containers, installation, and maintenance services.
*Exceptions due to situations out of our control may affect this. Please see the lease agreement.

Watering Techniques

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Decorative Containers

Flowering Plants


Living Walls

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