Meeting People’s Innate Need to Connect with Nature

Whatever your unique reasons for bringing live indoor plants into your space, Heroman Services can provide the right plants and containers to meet those needs.

We design, install and service a wide range of indoor plants, office plants, and interior landscapes and are ready to help make your space look great and provide the overall benefits of live plants to your staff and clients.

As a top 25 USA Interior Landscaping Company, we service clients from large atriums to one person offices; provide indoor plants from desk top succulent bowls to 20’ palm trees and offer a selection of unique containers from wood to ceramic, fiberglass and metal that can meet any traditional,  urban or contemporary design scheme. Our containers are as unique as you are.

Unlike plants purchased in retail stores, our plants are specially cultivated, grown and acclimated for our industry to thrive in the artificial indoor environments they will experience inside your space.  

The Heroman Services teams of degreed and certified Horticulturists, Interior Designers and Landscape Architects have a true passion for plants from the design process through to installation and expert maintenance service programs. We are here to use our training and experience to benefit our clients.

What is Interior Plant Landscaping? –  The Art of Interior Landscaping is in the Detail

The highest level of Design, Installation, and Service paired expertly with skillfully chosen high-quality Plants and Containers.

Design – Plants

The experts at Heroman Services provide specific plants that will thrive in a particular environment. “The Right Plant in the Right Place.”  There is a lot to know about plants and their environmental needs on the inside, so if you aren’t an expert, we’d love to help.

Our designers will study your site, natural and artificial light patterns note your interior decor, listen to your goals to improve your space with living plants and establish your budget all before presenting a plan(s) that will work best in meeting your desires for creating a living environment.

Our resources for Interior Landscaping plants are extensive and our quality standards are uncompromising. We have established partnerships with the most experienced and quality-conscious growers in the world. Our plants come from many sources including South Florida, California, and Hawaii. Weekly shipments mean your plants are delivered fresh and fast, and our on-site 10,000 square foot greenhouse and warehouse space provides protection and the perfect environment to care for your plants while we prepare for the installation of your new Interior Landscape.

And, it’s so much more than just office plants. We make sure the right decorative planters and designer containers are used to add art to wherever it’s needed.

Design – Containers

How do we determine the right decorative containers to use for an interior plant? What colors should be chosen and where do we place the planters in the design plan? 

Selecting the right containers for your plants is a much-underrated aspect of interior landscaping. In fact, choosing the best containers for your space and aesthetic is as crucial as selecting any other art pieces to enhance your design and image.

Our vast catalog of containers and planters come in an infinite variety of styles, colors, sizes, and shapes. Let us tempt you by revealing the effect of how the right plants in the right decorative containers can transform your space.


A beautiful, trouble-free interior plant installation is a journey that begins at the nursery and ends with a client’s enjoyment and satisfaction. We ensure the success of the interiorscape with a multi-stage delivery and installation process. Our foliage begins its acclimation process for lower light interiors in our grower’s shade houses, then in our local greenhouse facilities and finally after the installation in your space. Your plants will be meticulously cleaned, skillfully pruned and inspected before they leave our production site. Whether it’s a sub-irrigated garden atrium or a strategically placed specimen plant, our professional installers do it right the first time. We respect our client’s surroundings and we use time tested techniques for moving plants safely and then perfectly engineer them into their planters. Remember “The Building Isn’t Green Until the Plants Arrive”

Maintenance Services

Plants require a planned program of regular care to grow and our trained staff of Horticulturalists not only correctly monitor the water your plants demand, but also diagnose and treat pest problems and diseases, acclimate your plants to the lower light conditions of indoors, keep watch for any damage caused by heating and air conditioning stress, provide necessary fertilizers and other supplements and stay current on continuing education to ensure your plant investment stays a healthy, productive part of your company.

How to Lease your Interior Landscape?

By putting the beauty of your indoor landscape in the hands of our specialists, you can devote your time and energy to all of the other things you have to worry about. With no up-front costs and a structure that strives to keep you worry-free, our lease programs provide a great solution to any interior landscaping need you might have. As all of our clients have individual needs we will create a lease program that will work within your guidelines.

General Guidelines:

  1. Reach out to us and let us know you are interested in Interior Landscaping
  2. One of our Designers will visit your site
  3. We will prepare a Design plan or plans specific to meeting your needs
  4. We will seamlessly Deliver and Install your new Interior Landscape
  5. Your Horticulturist will begin her regular maintenance service of your Interior Landscape
  6. Your plants will be covered by our replacement plan
  7. Your Customer Services Team Member is always available if you have any questions or requests
  8. Your customers, guests and staff benefit from your beautiful new Interior Landscape.

Have more questions about Interior Landscaping?

Please Contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.