More Than Just a Pretty Plant

Plant Maintenance

The Heroman Services Difference

Mom always said, “while outside appearances are important, it’s what’s inside that really counts!”

That’s why HeroMan Services Plant Company specializes in bringing you healthy interior plants to enhance your indoor spaces. From traditional lush green foliage to more colorful and vibrant ornamentals, HeroMan Services Plant Company offers a wide variety of options to complement your corporate décor. We will design and maintain your perfect interior plant mix, and even rotate orchids, bromeliads, and poinsettias, throughout the year, to add a surprise of color for your staff and guests to enjoy. Of course, our Interior Landscaping Design and Maintenance services are done with the meticulous attention to detail that you would expect from a true Southern professional. Give us a call, one of our designers is available to talk ideas with you, today!

Our trained staff of Horticultural Technicians not only correctly monitor the water your plants demand, but also diagnose and treat pest problems and diseases, acclimate your plants to the lower light conditions of indoors, keep watch for any damage caused by heating and air conditioning stress and stay current on continuing education to ensure your plant investment stays a healthy, productive part of your company.

Our resources for Interior Landscaping plants are extensive and our quality standards are uncompromising. We have established partnerships with the most experienced and quality-conscious growers in the country. Our plants come from many sources including South Florida, California, and Hawaii. Weekly shipments mean your plants are delivered fresh and fast, and our on-site 10,000 square foot greenhouse provides protection from the elements while we prepare your installation.

  • How can a well designed Interior Landscape dramatically improve the appearance of your business?

  • How can interior plants raise morale and contribute to long-term employee retention?

  • How can interior plants make everyone more comfortable, more productive — even healthier?  

Through thoughtful design and implementation, HeroMan Services Plant Company’s designers create interiors that will meet the needs and desires of your specific space.  In every case, the design starts with the practical and adds distinctive elements of your particular environment to make your Interior Landscape unique and complementary to your existing décor.

How well have we done? Check out our Gallery of satisfied clients.

HeroMan Services Plant Company has been meeting the challenges of discriminating Interior Landscape customers since 1987. We provide complete horticultural solutions in major markets throughout the Gulf Coast.   As proof of its success, HeroMan Services Plant Company is ranked in the Top 25 Interior Landscape companies in the United States.

HeroMan Services is dedicated to bringing professionalism and quality of workmanship to our industry. We are extremely active in promoting certification for individual technicians, as well as accreditation standards for interior companies as a whole. Ask about our  “Guidelines for Selecting your Interior Landscape Company,” to guide your vendor choice.