Here is a quick science lesson.

Through photosynthesis plants convert the carbon dioxide that we exhale (which is toxic) into fresh oxygen. They also have the magnificent ability of removing other toxins from the air that we are consistently breathing in. 

Why is this relevant to you? In a time with the Coronavirus pandemic, flu season, and the fears for our health, we need plants more than ever, especially as many more people are staying in their homes and forgoing time in nature. Detoxifying the air in your home is health imperative, and here is why:

Many of us are now self-quarantining in our homes. Due to this new development the air quality in these enclosed spaces is more polluted than ever. 

NASA has stated that houseplants are the most effective way to naturally purify the air. With viruses and bacteria everywhere, live plants can eliminate toxins in the air and prevent your home from becoming a breeding ground for these nasty viruses and bacteria to grow and mutate. 

Plant Maintenance in Pensacola, FL

Okay, so it is clear we need plants, but what kind are we looking for? Bill Wolverton, a NASA scientist has stated the importance of plants and the types you should look for.   “The amount of leaf surface area influences the rate of air purification,” so you can take that to say the BIGGER the plant the better and the more LEAVES the better the air quality. He also consistently recommends that “you need at least TWO ‘good sized’ plants per 100 square feet of interior space.”

Physical health is obviously a hot topic and more important than ever right now, but do not overlook the importance of your mental health too. Studies continuously show that plants actually make people happy. In times of stress and chaos, plants are known to have calming qualities and relieve stress. (They are also great to talk to and will respond to kind, encouraging words.) They also present the opportunity for distraction in these times of isolation, giving people purpose and hope.

When times call for a serious look at the important things in our indoor environments, live plants remain a high-value consideration. Check out our selection and pick out the plant (or plants) that’s right for you or give us shout and we will be happy to guide you!